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To view the presentations from OH2017, click on links below.  If the presentation you want isn’t available we do not have authorisation to make them available publically.

Day One – Tuesday 25 April

Day Two – Wednesday 26 April
Day Three – Thursday 27 April

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Session 1 – Warner Lecture

State of Mind? Martin Coyd OBE, MACE

Session 2 – Thomas Bedford Memorial Award Winner

Effectiveness of a Multidimensional Randomized Control Intervention to Reduce Quartz Exposure Among Construction Workers. Erik van Deurssen, RPS Analyse BV

Session 4a – Control Strategy Case Studies

Too Hot to Handle? Conflicting Control Measures. Amanda Parker, Ineos
On-Site vs. Off-Site Corporate MSD Early Intervention as a Cost Savings Business Strategy: A Portuguese Case Study. Andrew Hatch, MSK Health

Session 4b – Awareness

Progress in the Use of Respiratory Protective Equipment
Peter Griffin, HSE
Phil Roberts, HSE
Mike Clayton, HSE
Frank Angear, British Safety Industry Federation

Session 4c – Hazard Banding

Smart Chemicals Management: Turning Technical Occupational Expert Language into a Business Language That Really Matters – A Paint Manufacturing Case Study. Henri Heussen, Cosanta BV
Testing the Strength of Hazard Banding Against the Occupational Exposure Limit Value. Theo Scheffers, TSAC

Session 5a – IOHA: The Global Occupational Hygiene Village

IOHA: Cofluencing International Conversations. Karen Niven, Shell
Improving International Health Risk Control. Peter Baldwin, HSE
Safe Container Unloading – Root Cause Analysis. Steven Verpaele, Becoh
Getting the HSE Message Across in a Pharmaceutical Company. From Language to Visual Instructions. Ronald Frencken, Arbo Unie
Chemical Exposure in the Vietnamese Clothing and Shoe Industry (A Development Project to Improve The Exposure to Chemicals). Andre Winkes, Arbo Unie

Session 5b – Occupational Hygiene Strategy – Have you got one?

Aligning Strategic Priority for Occupational Hygiene in Industry.  Dave Marsh, ExxonMobil & Alex Wilson, Rolls Royce

Session 5c – Exposure Science Case Studies

Dust Exposure Associated with Industrial Cleaning Activities. Chris Keen, HSL
Health and Exposures of Firefighters Exposed in the Fort McMurray Fires of May 2016. Nicola Cherry, University of Alberta
Control of Smoke Exposure in Neolithic Huts.  Kelvin Williams, Occupational Hygiene Consultant
Video Exposure Monitoring (VEM). Justyna Witkos, Teasdale Hospital Equipment Ltd

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Session 6 – Keynote Speaker

Your Health Your Future – A Construction Industry Perspective. Martin Worthington, Morgan Sindall

Session 7a – Asbestos

Asbestos Analyst Inspection Project. Martin Gibson, HSE
Assessing Hazards and Managing Risk associated with Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA): The Geologist, The Laboratory, and The Occupational Hygienist. Fred Boelter, RHP Risk Management Inc
Key Considerations for Worker Protection During Removal of Asbestos Contaminated Soil and Made Ground. Richard Pomeroy, ABP Associates Ltd

Session 7b – Noise Control

Benefits of Advanced Features of Badge Style Noise Dosimetry (Product Showcase)
Conventional Noise Risk Reduction Processes Have Failed – It’s Time to Change. Peter Wilson, INVC

Session 7c – Metal Working Fluid / Skin Health Surveillance

Determining a Suitable Standard and Assessment Techniques to Demonstrate Control of Exposure to Water-Mix Metal Working Fluid Mist from Enclosed Machines in a Large New Machine Workshop Facility.  Erik Lewry, AWE
Skin Health Surveillance: Making it Effective and Beneficial. Helen Taylor, EnviroDerm Services

Session 8a – Getting Published

How to Publish Your Work in the Annals of Work Exposures and Health. Noah Seixas, University of Washington

Session 8b – Construction

The Game-changing Blackline Safety G7 (Product Showcase)
Assessment and Control of Exposures to Reactive Chemical Resins in Construction: Project Overview and Preliminary Findings.  Anila Bello, UMASS Lowell
Epoxy Road Map – Improving Chemical Safety in Construction. Beatrice Back, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Control of Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Work. Russell Atkinson, HSE
How Much Wood is in That Dust? The Determination of Wood in Construction Dusts. Peter Stacey, HSE

Session 8c (i) – Legionella

Organisation Learning with Cooling Tower Management. Joshua Rice, Sellafield Ltd
A Legionnaire’s Disease Cluster Investigation at a Recreational Spa Facility. Megan Canright, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services

Session 8c (ii) – European OH Network

Establishing an EU OH Coalition. Antoine LEPLAY, Solvay

Session 9 – Breathe Freely

Breathe Freely Into The Future. Mike Slater, Diamond Environmental

Session 10 – Panel Discussion

The Future For Worker Health Protection in the UK.  The panel consists of:-

Bharat Patel, AB Media (Chair)
John Ballard, Occupational Health (at work)
Martin Coyd OBE, MACE
Sean Elson, Pinsent Masons
Danny Martland, BAE Systems
Lesley McLeod, Association for Project Safety

Session 11 – IGNITE

To view the videos of the Ignite Session click here.

Thursday 27 April 2017

Session 12a – Energy Institute

Meet the Future: 4-Gas Detection with 2-Year Runtime is Here (Product Showcase)
Occupational Health and Hygiene matters in the Energy Industry. Beate Hildenbrand, Energy Institute
Determination of Potential Asbestos Exposure Related to Typical ACMs Found Within The Oil and Gas Industry. Peter Murray, Energy Institute
Guidelines for Elimination or Control of Transmitted Noise and Vibration in Offshore Installations. Graham McPherson, Energy Institute
Decommissioning Within the Oil and Gas Industry: A practical Guide to Worker Health Protection. Ross Conway, Energy Institute
Controlling Exposure to Cobalt – A Practical Approach. Karen Parry, Shell Gas Iraq

Session 12b – Ergonomics

Ergonomic Risk Assessment & Management in the Office. Sven Hoffman, University of Zurich

Session 12c – Industrial Processes

Galvanising – Assessment & Control. Gordon Smith, HSE
Dust Control (Success and Failure). Alvin Woolley, Alvin Woolley Associates Ltd
Health Risk Reduction of Spraying Polyurethane Paints. Adrian Parris, Sellafield Ltd
An Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Metal Powders used for Additive Manufacturing (AM).  Samantha Hall, HSL

Session 13 – Keynote Lecture

Understanding Barriers to Making Positive Health Choices.  Chris Woods, Karrdale

Session 14a – Leadership

Operational Leadership at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Michael Brandt, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Session 14b – New Thinking

Applying Exposure Intelligence – New Ways of Thinking for a Better Return on Investment. Bob Rajan, HSE

Session 15a – RPE

The Challenges of a Global Respiratory Protection Program. Nicole Vars McCullough, 3M
Improving the Quality of Respirator Fit Testing. Mike Clayton, HSE
A Miniature Sampler for In-Mask Workplace Measurements: First Pilot Tests and Site Visit Experiences. Peter Stacey, HSE
Implementing an Effective Tight-Fitting Respirator Fit Testing Programme in European Countries Where Fit Testing is Not Mandatory. Stewart Ayrey, 3M

Session 15b – Dermal Assessment

Measuring Skin Condition for a Healthier Workplace. Helen Taylor & Chris Packham EnviroDerm Services

Session 15c – Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship in Practice – CARE After 20 Years? The Challenges. Dawn Webster, Unifrax Ltd
High Temperature Insulation Wool (HTIW) Toxicology, What Have we Learned in 20 Years? Paul Harrison, PTCH Consultancy Ltd
Epidemiology of Aluminosilicate Wools (Refectory Ceramic Fibers, RCF): Results to Date and the Influence of PSP. Paul Harrison, PTCH Consultancy Ltd
Case Study: The Practical Impact of a Product Stewardship Programme on Controlling Industrial Exposures to High Temperature Insulation Wool (HTIW). Customer Monitoring and Repeat Visits. Nicola Robinson, Morgan Advanced Materials

Conference Round-up. Karen Bufton, BOHS President 2017-2018