• OH2020 Dates Announced 20-23 April 2020 in Bristol, UK
  • Check back in July 2019 for further announcements….

To view the presentations from OH2018, click on links below.  If the presentation you want isn’t available we do not have authorisation to make them available publically.

Day One – Tuesday 17 April

Day Two – Wednesday 18 April
Day Three – Thursday 19 April

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Session 1 – Warner Lecture

From Trauma to Triumph, Simon Harmer

Session 2 – Keynote Lecture

Please Come In.  Gerard Hand, GPH Safety

Session 3a – Sampling

Exposure to SO2 During Unloading of Freight Containers Shipping Holding Goods – A Model-Based Approach.  Katharina Bluemlein, ITEM
Review of Use and Monitoring of Diacetyl in the UK.  Gordon Smith, HSE
Losses of Dust to Walls of Cassettes When Using the GK2.69 Sampler Modified for 25 mm Diameter Filters and Implications for the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Analytical Method for Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS).  Peter Stacey, HSE
Statistical and Practical Considerations – How Many Samples?  Brent Altemose, SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.

Session 3b – Robots

Future Manufacturing Techniques and How Health Risks are Being Eliminated and Reduced.
Alex Wilson, Rolls Royce
Ross Trepleton, MTC
Jeremy Hadall, MTC

Session 3c – Legionella

Recent Developments in Legionella-Related Standards and Guidelines in the United States.  Megan Canright, Forensic Analytical
The European Edge on Legionella Regulations and Guidance.  Alan Sanderson, ISHEM Ltd
States and Territories of Australia and the Myriad of Regulatory Approaches to Legionella Control.  Megan Canright, Forensic Analytical
A Comprehensive Reference Guide for the Control of Legionella Bacteria in Building Water Systems.
Megan Canright, Forensic Analytical
Microbiological Analysis of Legionella Susceptible Systems.  Adrian Parris, Sellafield Ltd

Session 4 – Keynote Lecture

Industrial Hygiene, a key player for healthy, productive work in the 4th Industrial Revolution?  Richard Heron, BP

Session 5a – International Themed Session

NIOSH/AIHA Safety Matters Program and Brand Refresh Initiative.  Deborah Imel Nelson, AIHA President
OHTA – International Partnerships for Building Global OH Competency.  David O’Malley, Genesis Environmental Ltd

Session 5b – Faculty of Occupational Hygiene

Is Poor Occupational Hygiene Practice and Advice In the UK an Issue, and If So How Do We Improve It?
Neil Pickering, BOHS Registrar
Kelvin Williams, Kelvin Williams Ltd
Chris Keen, HSL

Session 5c – Exposure Measurement

Measurement and Control of Flour Dust in Bakeries.  Marian Molloy, HSE
Measurement of Respiratory Sensitisers in Seafood Processing.  Howard Mason, HSE
Measurement of Livestock Farming Tasks Where Exposure to Organic Dusts and Bioaerosols Occur.  Amy Gyte, HSE

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Session 6 – Keynote Lecture

Manual Handling a Different Approach.  Stewart Cruikshank, Pristine Condition

Session 7a – Mates in Mind

Mates In Mind Update.  Clive Johnson, Land Securities

Session 7b – RPE

Improving the Use of Respiratory Protective Equipment
Mike Clayton, HSE
Phil Roberts, HSE
Margaret Wade, HSE
Frank Angear, BSIF

Session 7c – Asbestos

FAAM Session.  Martin Stear, Registrar of FAAM
Asbestos Compliance and Retrospective Risk Analysis.  Martin Gibson, HSE
Asbestos Cement – Yesterday’s and Today’s Underrated Hazard.  Robin Howie, Robin Howie Associates
Mining and Milling Fibrous Minerals: Airborne Bolivian Crocidolite and Industrial Talc at the Source and at a Distances.  Fred Boelter, RHP Risk Management Inc.

Session 8a – European Updates

Evolution of REACH Chemical Safe Use Advice for Workers: From Generic to Sector Specific Exposure Scenarios.  Tatsiana Dudzina, ExxonMobil Biomedical Science Inc.
Extension of the Advance REACH Tool (ART) to Include Welding Fume Exposure.  Aduldatch Sailabaht, Heriot-Watt University
The Application of the Read Across Concept to Exposure Assessment in the Lubricant and Metals Industries.  Sally Spankie, IOM
Testing Compliance with Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) for Airborne Substances: The New Revision of European Standard EN 689.  Trevor Ogden, Independent

Session 8b – Managing Skin Exposure

Simple Ways to Assess and Manage Skin Exposure
Managing Skin Exposure to Hazardous Substances: A HSE View.  Sue Hambling, HSE
Using Simple Model Tools to Estimate Chemical Uptake Through The Skin.  John Cherrie, IOM and Heriot Watt University
Practical Measurement: The Role of Biological Monitoring in Assessing Skin Absorption.  Kate Jones, HSL

Session 8c – Review and Improvement

Strategic Partnerships for Reducing Health Risks in the Workplace.
Craig Hendry, ExxonMobil
Miranda Moons, ExxonMobil
Industrial Hygiene Capability Decision Matrices.
Lucetta Holdernes, BP
John Dobbie, BP

Session 9 – President’s Session

How to Profit Through Worker Health Protection!
Chair – Bharat Patel, AB Media
Geoff McDonald
Janet Leung, Shell
Peter Baldwin, HSL

Session 10 – IGNITE

To view the videos of the Ignite Session click here.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Session 11a – Dermal Protection

An Intervention to Improve Sun-Safe and Healthy Behaviours in Construction Workers.  Amanda Nioi, Heriot-Watt University
Control of Skin Exposure: What To Do Before Relying on Gloves.  Helen Taylor, Enviroderm Services
Setting Up An Effective Selection and Glove Use System.  Helen Taylor, Enviroderm Services
Permasure – A More Intelligent Approach to Protecting Workers Against Toxic Hazards.  Richard Menage, Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd

Session 11b – Behavioural Science

Workplace Coaching.  Harry Gallagher & James Harris, 2Macs

Session 11c (i) – Wellbeing

The Development and Implementation of a Mental Wellbeing Strategy in a Complex Organisation.  Neil Budworth, Loughborough University
How Nutrition and Food May Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health.  Rachel Linstead, Firecracker

Session 11c (ii) – Hygiene in Design

Occupational Health in Design – the Power to make a Difference.  Eric Ball, Park Health & Safety

Session 12 – Keynote Lecture

Preventing Ill Health In Construction Through Design.  Philip Baker, Association for Project Safety

Session 13 – Breathe Freely Update

Breathe Freely – The Next Steps.  Mike Slater, Diamond Environmental Ltd

Session 14a – Innovation and Physical Agents

Wireless Noise Surveillance – Test of New Technology for Dynamic Noise Maps.  Ellen Katrine Jensen, Statoil ASA
Case Study on the Analysis of Personal Dosimetry.
Neil Thomas, ExxonMobil
Dave Marsh, ExxonMobil
PIG’s, Pumps and Power Stations.  Compliance with the Electromagnetic Fields Regulations – A Practical Approach on a Large UK Petrochemical Site.  Amanda Parker, Ineos
EMF, Why Worry?  Nick van den Hurk, Arbo Unie

Session 14b – Exposure Scenarios – Solving the Puzzle

Practitioner Workshop: Exposure Scenarios, Safe Use of Mixtures Information (SUMIs) and COSHH – Solving The Puzzle.
Henri Heussen, Cosanta BV
Andy Gillies, Gillies Associates Ltd
Mike Slater, Diamond Environmental Ltd

Session 14c (i) – RPE

Respiratory Risks Associated With Processing Municipal Waste.  Vince Sandys, HSE
RPE Fit Testing in Real World Scenarios – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  David Lombardi, Environmental Essentials UK Ltd

Session 14c (ii) – Psychosocial/Chemical Exposure

Neurological Disease – A Review of The Chemical Exposure Health Risks and a Critique of the Occupational Hygiene Studies.  John Cain, Independent Consultant
Eliminating Employee Fatigue with Enhanced Ergonomics Management.  Andrew Cheung, Cority

Conference Round-up. Neil Grace, BOHS President 2018-2019