• OH2020 Dates Announced 20-23 April 2020 in Bristol, UK
  • Check back in July 2019 for further announcements….

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Session 1 John Moore-Gillon Warner Lecture

Session 2 I.Basinas Bedford Prize Winner

Session 3a A.Simpson Wood Dust Exposure

Session 3a M.Clayton PPE

Session 3a O.Okunribido AIB Removal

Session 3a P.Baldwin Diesel Engine Emissions

Session 3b A.Emili Good Practices for The Exposure Assessment

Session 3b F.Clerc Good Practices for The Exposure Assessment

Session 3b F.Marcenac Good Practices for The Exposure Assessment

Session 3c Noise C.Forshaw A.Wilson C.Steel P.Wilson D.Greenberg

Session 4 R.Aitken Keynote IOM at 50

Session 5a D.Marsh Practical Application of OH Principals

Session 5a E.Thompson Bump Testing of H2S Personal Alarm

Session 5a J.Davies Benzene in the Workplace

Session 5a M.Ovidt Improved Personal Protective regime

Session 5c IOM 50th Anniversary Understanding Emerging Health Risks in 21st Century Workplaces

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Session 6 J.Cooper Keynote Occupational Health Focused Legal Update

Session 7a A.Woolley Dust Control

Session 7a R.Howie Cola Mine Dust Standards

Session 7a R.Smith On-Tool Extraction

Session 7c Energy Institute

Session 8a (i) J.Lyons 50 Years of OH Experience

Session 8a (ii) M.Stear FAAM Update

Session 8b M.Clayton RPE

Session 8b P.Roberts RPE

Session 8b P.Roberts RPE2

Session 8c C.Viegas EXPOSE

Session 8c H.Heussen Biological Monitoring Guidance Values

Session 8c S.Larson Risk of Disease from Exposure to Mold

Session 8c S.Viegas Occupational Exposure Assessment in Swine Farms

Thursday 4 April 2019

Session 11a P.Wilson HAV Measurement & Management

Session 11a R.Melling EMF’s

Session 11b A.Gillies COMED Workship

Session 11c A.Cheung Overcoming Substance Abuse

Session 11c R.Linstead Food. Health & Performance in the Workplace

Session 11c S.Haynes Mates in Mind

Session 11c V.Brookbank Prevention and Early Intervention at Work

Session 12 A.Hatch Keynote Back & Neck Pain

Session 13 Breath Freely C.Keen J.Norris

Session 14a (i) H.Taylor Dermal Risk Assessment

Session 14a (ii) H.Pearson H&S Information for Equipment Hirers

Session 14a (ii) J.Persky Validating Exposure Models

Session 14a (ii) L.Huyghebart Solvent Cocktails in the Printing Industry

Session 14c (i) J.Horsey Recirculating Filtered Fume Extraction

Session 14c G.Parker Acceptable Risk