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Scientific Posters

The prize for best poster this year went to Kiattisak Batsungnoen, Congratulations from all at BOHS

Details of OH2017 Scientific Poster are listed below:-

  1. Roberto Alessandroni Electromagnetic Fields project at Rolls-Royce
  2. Lennart Andersson Air Concentration of Inhalable Dust in a Swedish Pulp and Paper Mill
  3. Kiattisak Batsungnoen Airborne Portland Cement Nanoparticles During Bag Emptying
  4. Solveig Føreland How Does Various Respirator Models Fit the Workers in the Norwegian Smelting Industry?
  5. Andy Gillies Black Carbon as a Measure of Diesel Engine Emissions in a MVR Workshop
  6. Andrew Hatch On-Site vs. Off-Site Corporate MSD Early Intervention as a Cost Savings Business Strategy:   A Portuguese Case Study
  7. John Horsey Reducing the Risk of Respiratory Illnesses for Technicians in the Dental, Audiological and Opthalmology Industries
  8. Paul Humphrey Assessing Stewards’ Noise Exposure Whilst Working in the Auditorium of the Royal Albert Hall, London
  9. Yu-Jou Lin Determining the Permeation Parameters of Chemicals in Metalworking Fluids Through Skin Absorption
  10. Jacob Persky Risk Assessment for an Unapproved Use of a Phenolic Biocide in the Remediation and Restoration Industry
  11. Ana Gabriela Maia H&S Employees Management thru Informatized Systems
  12. Aduldatch Sailabaht Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Occupant Health Status in Ubon Ratchathani University Hospital, Thailand
  13. Laurie Southgate A Study of the Health and Well-Being of Expatriate Chinese Safety Supervisors Working On A Remote Construction Project in Kazakhstan
  14. Abdulqadir Mohamad Suleiman Presentation of an Approach for Risk Characterisation of Exposure to Chemicals in Cleaning Work
  15. Shih-Wei Tsai Determining the Permeation Parameters of Synthetic Musks Through Skin Absorption
  16. Chia-Hsuan Wang Solid-Phase Microextraction Procedure to Determine Fragrance Allergens in Personal Care Products