• OH2020 Dates Announced 20-23 April 2020 in Bristol, UK
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Approaches for Optimising Occupational Hygiene Business Value Delivery

09:00 - 17:00

Led by: Bob Rajan, HSE
Dr Bob Rajan OBE, JP is HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety, a strategic thinker and policy developer. Many of his proposals are included in COSHH regulations, HSE guidance and international standards and publications. He has over 30 years of experience in occupational hygiene, published widely and had written books (own and contributed to chapters). He has been an examiner in occupational hygiene (BOHS and other institutions) and a peer reviewer for Annals and other journals. He is a past president of BOHS and contributed widely for the advancement of BOHS and occupational hygiene including PPE, It’s in Your Hands and the Clean Air Take care, Hon Editor BOHS Newsletter. He introduced and driving the LOcHER project. He developed the Exposure Control Indicators used by HSE. His new proposals include transformational occupational hygiene and designing adequate exposure control measures that encompass failure minimisation. Experienced n product development.

PDC Description:
To explore, learn and share new ideas on Transformational Occupational Hygiene (TOH).
My working definition of TOH is: aims to deliver effective occupational exposure risk management to hazardous agents* through vison, creativity, innovation, inspirational motivation and /influence and failure minimisation designs.

The objectives for the PDS are: (i) How to maximise OH business value demonstration and (ii) Exploring the delivery of adequate exposure control, productivity, and sustainability through designing failure minimisation approaches using a number of real-world problem solving exercises.

Attendee Experience:
A keen occupational hygienist, who is leader in the area or wishing to acquire knowledge, skills and experience to become a leader;

Who is not only interested in OH, but on productivity, sustainability, communication, utilising behavioural approaches in OH and business value delivery. A positive mind for change, embracing new approaches, thinking the unthinkable to practice transformational OH.

Learning Outcomes:
How to apply communication principles; How to think outside the box for developing new ideas including control measure; why the understanding of MINDSPACE is vital for better practice of OH; Thinking in the space of engineering designs so that OHs can work productively with engineers and suppliers. Ideas for presenting effective business report instead of pages of traditional OH reports.

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